« Each realization is a little piece of my soul that I reveal and deliver to the world » Ambraude

At the end of his studies (see CV), Ambraude decided, without any specific goal, except anecdotal, to create a series of paintings for his Grandmother's restaurant located in Martinique. But how to define the theme of this series? 

Ambraude was inspired first of all by the place; the restaurant, very famous in the commune of Diamant.

Here is the decor: clear view on the sea, feet in the water, walls in natural material, wood panelling... only one element was missing, representative of Martinique, also called "the Island of Flowers": the color and the diversity of the tropical plant world.

Her subject was found! especially since she knew that it would please her grandmother, proud to exhibit her granddaughter's paintings.

« The flowers that I paint are a pretext to retranscribe through my childhood memories in the West Indies, a cultural atmosphere, an energy, a light, a smell, a sensation, an emotion experienced »Ambraude

Ambraude's very first exhibition was therefore organized in the restaurant, the starting point of a beautiful artistic and creative adventure.

She quickly understood the power of transmitting messages in line with her values(see details on her artistic approach). Her choice was made; from now on, painting will take an essential place in her life.

« Art is for me a way to express myself, bringing out my personal perception of nature, but also a way to communicate with the outside world; in front of a work of art there is no need to argue, only the emotion that emerges from it counts and allows to establish a connection with the other »  Ambraude

« To observe the sincere emotion of pure strangers in front of my works is an extraordinary and extremely addictive experience. To make them happy, even if only for a moment, is a great pride for me » Ambraude





« By declining my Original Works in precious derivatives, I wish to make more accessible this world too closed, that is the world of the Art » Ambraude

By dealing without intermediary, directly with the artist Ambraude reach a universe of elite and exclusive which seems very often inaccessible... that of the "world of the Art and the Creation". Discover his universe and start your own collection of unique "Object of Art" (see « Original Work») or in limited series (see « Reproduction »and/or« Scarf »), numbered, certified, and offered in various price ranges. Have the choice to please yourself and access the inaccessible according to your possibilities thanks to the "Original Works", the "Reproductions" or the "Scarves" Ambraude.





« When I was little, I was often sick in the car, indeed the roads in Martinique are quite winding. Despite this, I said to myself, while fighting against the evil that invaded me: open your eyes wide and soak up this wonderful landscape, these colors and shapes more fascinating than the others, absorb the maximum of information possible... I was already very aware of how lucky I was » Ambraude

Ambraude deals with the theme of introspection, of returning to the source, of a nature that is the genesis of all forms of life, of all things concrete or abstract. NATURE", a feminine name, is often embodied in his works by the more or less suggested presence of female figures. These represent "a mother nature, founder, creator, generator, nurturer ..." essential to our daily balance.

These are simple things, within reach of everyone, without the need to travel miles to feel the benefits. Example: a trip to the park, the forest, the beach (for some people), or simply marveling at a tree, going barefoot in the grass, etc... 

This reconnection to nature, Ambraude tries to remind you of it in his works; of this privileged link that we all have but that we tend to forget, carried by the frantic rhythm of our modern society. 

Ambraude's works seek above all to retranscribe that feeling of peace, energy, joy, calm, comfort, etc... that she herself has felt, all under a tropical and exotic setting that permeates her childhood.

« Painting is a spiritual experience of self-giving. It is the transmission of my energy to the other. If this other is on a similar vibratory rate, we will recognize each other with ease »Ambraude






« The monopoly of emotions is not limited to shocking, denouncing, or disgusting. These emotions are not the only attributes to attract attention and/or advocate a cause. Valuing one's subject is an equally effective option, but so often set aside by the art world »Ambraude

Ambraude artistically mobilizes the "Positive emotion" that flows in our societies and in each of us in order to question the ecological future of our planet.

Insisting on the transmission of emotion must lead to an awareness, because what moves, attracts and gives desire, awakening in us the "will" to safeguard and protect the object of desire.

In the artistic fields (painting, sculpture, photography...), the artists use several processes in order to call out and make us aware of the fragility of the ecosystem that surrounds us. 

Ambraude chooses to value the beauty, the richness as well as the benefits of nature, thus putting forward our interest in taking care of it. Let's admire it, let's pamper it, let's respect it in order to live as long as possible in harmony...





« More than an accessory, an Object of Collection » Ambraude

The result of a long artistic and creative journey of the artist (see CV), the Ambraude Scarf represents more than a simple fashion accessory.

The textile impregnates in an intrinsic and instinctive way the works of Ambraude, revealing its unconscious but always present link with the universe of the fashion. Moreover, the public often misinterprets Ambraude's original works, which, generally   made of acrylic on canvas, are identified by him as embroidered and/or printed fabrics stretched on frames. 

This confusion represents the starting point of the "Scarf" project, a variation of the Original Works. Its rarity (micro collection), its limited quantity (only 250 copies), as well as its certification, make this declination, a precious Object. It can thus undergo the same treatment as a Work, and thus be framed in the same way as a painting or a photo. 





« My experience in the field of Haute Couture has given me a taste and a sense of detail » Ambraude

Lyon, city of silk and scarves for 400 years...

Ambraude is committed to "sustainable development" by favoring "short circuits" for the production of its collectibles such as its scarf range. This choice is in line with a desire to offer very high quality Scarves, 100% French, from their design inspired by its Original Works, to their manufacture, using a real know-how, heritage of a French tradition, particularly from Lyon. Thus Ambraude chooses "quality   and not quantity".